hi, I’m theo ploeg

I tell stories of alternative nows

I’m a speculative accelerationist (sX), design sociologist, and your fav pop journalist ;- )

addicted to pop culture, coffee, and traveling by train. I roam the edges of speculative design, media, business, and journalism. my practice is sentient-based. I believe in swarms.

with studio hyperspace, I explore alternative realities of an accelerating world.

as co-founder and ambassador of speculative futures amsterdam, I experiment with the possibilities of speculative design.

in the international music industry lab in haarlem, we are building a healthier music ecology.

at the fontys school of journalism, I blend journalism and design.

music is my first love, so I can’t stop writing about it. together with Peter Bruyn, I run FRNKFRT. I curate STASIS, a newsletter about new, sometimes old(er), mostly overlooked music and pop culture, and write for culture print magazine Gonzo (circus).

check everything I do over at linkedin.

best way to reach me? send me a mail at info [@] theoploeg.net or catch me on social media.