speculative accelerationist (sX). design and media sociologist. tells stories of possible futures. lives together with cat Adorno. loves coffee and good music. 

I strongly believe we can shape the future, thus the now. With my own studio hyperspace, I explore alternative nows of an accelerating world and as ambassador speculative design at Speculative Futures Amsterdam, I translate my findings into useful ways of challenging the current status quo.

As learning director of the International Music Academy Lab of Inholland, I direct groups of students, coaches, professionals and partners in tackling wicked problems within the music environment.

At the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, I explore the possibilities of using speculative design to make the fashion industry a better place.

I share my love of pop and media culture as co-founder of FRNKFRT, and I blog about pop culture at STASIS. I used to be a music and culture journalist for several magazines and newspaper since the early 1990s. 

Check my LinkedIn for all the stuff I do (and did).

info [@] theoploeg [.] net | twitter: @theoploeg